Pro-Police Candidates Win Big in the Midterms, According to The League for Law Enforcement

[11/10/22]- The League for Law Enforcement announced early this morning that 62 of their 78 endorsements won their political races this year. These midterm elections were a message that Americans support law enforcement and refuse to let anti-police defunding continue in their communities. 

“The “Defund the Police” movement ultimately proved to be a failure for Democrats and only served to increase crime, endanger the lives of the men and women in blue, and cause dwindling numbers and lagging recruitment in police departments across the country,” said Jim Fotis, President, League of Sportsmen, Law Enforcement and Defense.“This election sent clear message: it’s time to return our respect for and fully fund our harding working men and women inlaw enforcement.” 

Nebraska enacted the Law Enforcement Attraction and Retention Act to provide financial incentives to attract law enforcement officers to the state. The new law provides for retention incentive payments ranging from $1,500 to $3,000 for individual officers who complete tiers of service from one year through five years of full-time employment.

New Mexico enacted similar legislation requiring the Department of Finance and Administration to establish a program to distribute funds for local law enforcement agencies to provide recruitment and retention stipends. Puerto Rico extended the Career Incentive program to all peace officers defined in the statute, providing for base pay increases based on post-secondary credits and degrees earned.

The League for Law Enforcement endorsed 92 pro-police candidates in this midterm election, including men and women running for the U.S. House, Senate, Governor, and Attorney General. Of these 92 candidates, 62 have won their races so far. There are 14 races still outstanding.

“This is a huge win for our citizens that believe in law and order and law enforcement now have more officials that will support them at every level of government,” said Fotis. “Thank you to all of you that voted YES! for these pro-police candidates! Your support led to a resounding victory for law enforcement and the safety of our communities!”

The League for Law Enforcement is a dba and project of The League for Sportsmen, Law Enforcement and Defense. The League is a not-for-profit political and Super PAC organization. The League for Sportsmen, Law Enforcement and Defense (“The League”) is a registered nonprofit political organization and Hybrid PAC organization organized under Section 527 with the IRS. Contributions to The League are not tax deductible. Not endorsed by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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