The Biden Administration Curtails ESEA Funding for Hunting and Archery Programs

The United States Congress in 1965 passed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to make sure every child has access to a quality education. Since its passage ESEA has evolved to address the diverse needs of students and schools across the country. Recently, an outstanding part of ESEA’s needed programs has been defunded, raising concerns among proponents of outdoor education. Under the watchful eye of the Biden Administration anything resembling self-defense- including federal funding allocated for schools with hunting and archery programs under ESEA- has been dismantled. This absurdity must stop and the ESEA funding should be returned to the budgets of schools that provide archery and hunting classes. The benefit of these two courses have been supported by teachers, psychologists and parents across the board, and yet the Biden White House indiscriminately cut the program instituted by Congress in 1965.

Hunting and archery programs have been part of the education system in many American school districts. These programs give students an opportunity to connect with nature, use life skills, and develop a sense of responsibility. Misconceptions that are being tossed about by the White House and others are that these classes are promoting violence or glorifying weapons. However, it is well documented that archery, hunting, and gun safety classes emphasize important values such as safety, discipline, and environmental stewardship. These programs are needed now more than ever in our country where firearms are prevalent. Learning about archery, hunting, and the use of firearms is essential to reducing accidents and ensuring that children grow up with a deep understanding of the responsibilities that comes with gun ownership.

The Biden Administration is obstructing the flow of ESEA funds to schools that offer these programs. Some argue that this is a result of a broader anti-gun sentiment, which fails to distinguish between responsible gun ownership and promoting violence. However, such an approach is overly simplistic and does a disservice to students and their communities

Hunting and archery programs have been part of America’s education system for decades, providing valuable lessons and opportunities for students. The Biden Administration’s apparent resistance to allocate ESEA funds for these programs is misguided and detrimental. It is essential to recognize the educational value of hunting and archery programs, their contribution to student development, and their role in promoting safety and responsibility. By reversing the decision to defund the archery and hunting as part of ESEA, the administration would ensure a more equitable and well-rounded education for all students, consistent with the principles of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. 

If the Biden White House refuses to reestablish funding for archery, hunting, and use of firearms training under ESEA of 1965, it will only bring us closer to their ultimate goal of tearing down our Second Amendment rights piece by piece. To paraphrase Pink Floyd, “All in all it’s just another brick pulled out of the wall.”

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